E-Signature customer applications to online payments and invoicing.

Payments are made in one of three ways: Terms, ACH (Direct Deposit) and Credit Cards. We made it that simple.

E-Signature customer applications to online payments and invoicing.

Billing made easy!

With EzriRx, billing is no longer a daunting task. We've gotten rid of the need for paperwork and have transferred all the information you need into one easily-accessible place. Time is money, and EzriRx is here to give back the time and money you’ve wasted on ordering systems of the past!

Billing made easy!

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Pay for orders safely and securely on EzriRx using your preferred method. Choose from Credit card, ACH, or wholesaler terms.

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Submit your credit application

Easily apply to wholesalers

EzriRx uses modern e-signature technology to allow you to provide a single digital signature that we re-use to automatically pre-fill each wholesaler’s customer application, saving you from spending a considerable amount of time filling out and signing forms.

Receive credit and request credit limit increases

As wholesalers approve your applications, they can provide you with credit and terms that you can use to quickly checkout your orders. You can even request credit limit increases at any time!

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