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Thousands of forward-thinking pharmacies and healthcare providers in the US, use EzriRx to purchase millions of dollars worth of Rx, HBA, OTC, Med Surg, and Pet Meds daily with incredible savings - all in an advanced yet easy-to-use platform.

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Trusted by 5000 Healthcare providers in the US. (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Physicians, etc.)

As a collective of pharmacy enthusiasts, we developed technology to simplify, manage, and analyze your Rx purchases. Ultimately saving you money!

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EzriRx allows healthcare providers to procure, manage, and analyze purchases from suppliers to increase your bottom line. From Rx to OTC, HBA, and Medical Supplies.

Easy to use Pharmacy Platform

Easy to use

EzriRx is the easiest way to purchase healthcare products. It takes under two minutes to complete the sign-up process and get started.

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EzriRx Basic is free to pharmacies. Sign up, apply, and purchase within minutes.

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What is EzriRx?

EzriRx builds the most powerful and flexible tools for pharmaceutical purchasing. Whether you’re an independent, chain, or long-term care pharmacy, EzriRx’s meticulously-designed platform allows pharmacies to shop on over 55,000 Rx, OTC, HBA, Med-Surg and Pet Supplies from over 20 wholesalers licensed in your state.

By joining a collective of customers, pharmacies can save on negative reimbursements and ultimately increase their bottom line.

But we didn’t stop there. We created online invoice management to track your balances with each supplier, multiple payment options to simplify paying invoices, and a slew of features to enhance a pharmacies everyday performance.

It’s one platform, with many wholesalers, and amazing savings!

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What pharmacists are saying

Suburban Pharmacy

EzriRx is fantastic!! Extremely intuitive and logically organized as well as a progressive company where customers come first. EzriRx has streamlined our processing by uploading order files from QS1. All Bills/Invoices and Payments are in one central location so there is no need to search individual wholesaler websites to find invoice history. I just love this website! Very responsive to inquiries, and any questions I have are answered quickly and competently.

Conleys Drug store

Since its inception, EzriRx has been dedicated to saving pharmacies the most money while maintaining an easy to use platform. The wholesalers behind EzriRx are vetted carefully and are reliable. It changed our store from using a single source vendor to shopping from many & ultimately getting the biggest savings. To date, I can confidently say, that EzriRx has impacted my bottom-line margins tremendously and I can never be more thankful.

Smart Rx Pharmacy

EzriRx has saved my pharmacy time and money. Pedigree, Invoices and Clutter are a thing of the past. With the velocity and power of technology, EzriRx has changed how we shop for our pharmacy, haggle with wholesalers, pay our bills and manage our documentation. EzriRx realized our pain points and created a seamless solution to benefit our operations. The staff behind EzriRx are gems.

Levy's Pharmacy

The marriage between Pharmacy and Technology has been a long time coming. Transitioning from Fax ordering to a simplistic platform that handles everything has changed our daily processes and bottom-line. From sign-up to placing our first orders, the process took us under a day and EzriRx has maintained that pace for every step of the way, since. It is a breeze to use and has shifted our business dynamics.

pharmacy name

5-Stars for a service well-done. You have saved us time, money, and are crushing it on low-reimbursement items. We went from negative margins on many items from our primary to making money on these scripts. We forever wonder why every single pharmacy in the US does not use EzriRx. It has been a long time coming for such a service to exist and it gets better every day. Thank you, thank you!

Marino Pharmacy

Rather than getting inundated with calls, reps, emails, and faxes from every supplier, we switched to EzriRx. One-stop platform that has everything we need in one place.. Brands, Generics, OTC, HBA, Medical Supplies and Pet Meds. Its simple UX allows our Techs to do the shopping and it saves an enormous amount of time and money. Our pharmacy has been using EzriRx since 2018 and there is no going back.